Inkling Scribbles

I had an opportunity through work to use one of the Wacom Inklings for a bit. I did couple tests just to make sure I had it working, and finally ended up doing this sketch to see just how accurately the Inkling would read my crosshatching and line-work. All in all I'm pretty impressed with the technology, thought with my drawing style I'm not sure it's worth using. I could just as easily use a scanner. However, the fact it records everything in vector is cool and if the drawing was not as complex or finely shaded as the one I did the Inkling may work just fine. It should also be considered that while having the little Inkling device clipped to your paper you're somewhat limited with your hand motions because putting your hand between the pen tip and the page clip interferes with the recording. I'm glad I didn't buy one, but there may be people out there who would enjoy using this tool. On a side note, Zero Dark Thirty is an excellent film that you should watch if you haven't seen it already.




Character Design Thumbnails

Now that things are winding down for the holidays I'm starting to kick around some ideas for a new character project.  Here are a couple few thumbnails I've done to feel out the design.  Next steps, finalize character, lock down the look of the outfit, then paint up a hero shot concept.  Then I will be jumping into 3D sometime around the New Year!