Thorin Oakenshield

I've been looking back over my portfolio and it has been really fun to see the growth over the last year or two. I'm hoping to take some big steps in 2013! Looking at what presentable work I have, I'd really like to create a full female game character with a sci-fi theme. I'll start doing some sketches in the near future when work allows, so watch out for those. Speaking of sketches, I'm making a militant effort to stay on task in sketching every day and so far I've been thoroughly enjoying the experience. I've already found that I'm having an easier time concepting visually and I've only been doing it daily for the last week! I'm really looking forward to how a month or two, then a year will have on my ability to draw. Fun stuff. I seriously recommend it for anyone interested in any aspect of art. Sketching flexes our "brain muscles" and helps our minds think more creatively.

Enjoy this Hobbit fan art that I made: