Summer Kickoff

This is the first summer in my memory that I don't have summer classes or school looming distantly in the fall. It's odd and glorious. The last couple months have been more than a little hectic... not that it's bad, but I do hope that the summer will calm down a bit and let me catch my breath so I can make more art. I've had several weeks (on and off) of crazy overtime hours. My car freaked out and start overheating every time I went more than about 1/2 a mile (which I tend do when using my car). After the repair I decided it was time to buckle down and upgrade vehicles. After about 2 weeks of nightly researching and scouring the internet I finally tracked down a good deal on a lightly used 2012 Ford Fiesta, which I have since purchased. I also moved into a new apartment, which is amazing. Though, moving 3 room-mates worth of furniture into a new house was exhausting to do in a single day. Like I said, it has been a hectic last couple months.

All that aside, I've managed to develop the concept for the frontier pilot character I'm working on a bit further. It's still a work in progress, but it's getting there... Providing life calms down a bit, I'm hoping to get a couple nice pieces of art for my portfolio this summer, so stay tuned for new stuff!



Also, here is a pic of my new digs. SummerDesk_Effected

Brainstorming Sketches

Hey guys, I put together this collage of sketches that I've done in the past week or so for a new character I'm designing. I'll be doing a legit concept this weekend, hopefully. I've just been exploring some ideas while using my brainstorming as drawing practice. (Please pardon the fact I photographed these, I don't have a scanner handy at the moment.)  


Thorin Oakenshield

I've been looking back over my portfolio and it has been really fun to see the growth over the last year or two. I'm hoping to take some big steps in 2013! Looking at what presentable work I have, I'd really like to create a full female game character with a sci-fi theme. I'll start doing some sketches in the near future when work allows, so watch out for those. Speaking of sketches, I'm making a militant effort to stay on task in sketching every day and so far I've been thoroughly enjoying the experience. I've already found that I'm having an easier time concepting visually and I've only been doing it daily for the last week! I'm really looking forward to how a month or two, then a year will have on my ability to draw. Fun stuff. I seriously recommend it for anyone interested in any aspect of art. Sketching flexes our "brain muscles" and helps our minds think more creatively.

Enjoy this Hobbit fan art that I made:



School is done. Well... almost. I'm finishing my last glorious class this summer and then I'll be done. I gotta say, I'm pretty excited. However, now that I'm finishing school I feel as though I'm entering a early twenties crisis. Something has to change or I think I'm going to freak out. Recently, I stumbled across the blog of Stapleton Kearns who says, "Pity the tyro landscape painter, fresh from still life class or naively clutching a promising photograph who tries to compete with a designer who will ruthlessly use his values just as he pleases, rather than respecting the capricious arrangements of styleless nature." This quote echoes a conviction I have experienced recently; that is to become a bolder artist and person. I do not only want to become ruthless artist, but I want to live ruthlessly. I don't mean that I want to cruel or inconsiderate to the people in my life. I want to be eager to try something new, to take risks and be willing to fail miserably, knowing that I'll learn on the way. In this vein, I'm beginning the journey of re-forging my portfolio so that new opportunities may present themselves. Over the next weeks and months I will be sharing the successes and failures of my journey as I hone my craft.

To start things off and because I wouldn't feel right posting without at least one picture, here is a speed paint of Jaime Lannister I did last week:




Maltair Turnaround in Unity

After months of using pretty much all of my free time on this project I've finally finished my character called "Maltair!" Here is a turntable of him, captured out of the Unity engine. I used the Unity engine as a learning experience to see how much I could pull off with something that is kind of considered an "indy" tool. I wanted to familiarize myself with the engine and see how pretty I could make a character look. At some point I may take him into Marmoset or Unreal, but I want to show what I pulled off in Unity. Modelsheets, wireframes, etc... coming soon. (When I have time)