Iris Head and Arm Details

I got a little distracted over Halloween (Killing zombies on Minecraft and Left 4 Dead 2), but I'm back now with an update.  I've started adding in the little "facial accessories" like the earrings, nose-ring, ear piece, and then the arm implant.  Also, I think I settled on a hairstyle.  Let me know what you guys think!
I also threw a Fullmetal Alchemist themed desktop together, 'cause I was getting bored with my old one.  (If anyone wants the files, give me a shout and I'll upload them.) Check it out:

Snapshot of my Life

Well this is the best my desktop has looked in a really long time, so I thought I'd show it off to everybody. :) If you look closely you can get some sneak-peaks at some secretish stuff that will be revealed in futre blog updates.