Maltair Turnaround in Unity

After months of using pretty much all of my free time on this project I've finally finished my character called "Maltair!" Here is a turntable of him, captured out of the Unity engine. I used the Unity engine as a learning experience to see how much I could pull off with something that is kind of considered an "indy" tool. I wanted to familiarize myself with the engine and see how pretty I could make a character look. At some point I may take him into Marmoset or Unreal, but I want to show what I pulled off in Unity. Modelsheets, wireframes, etc... coming soon. (When I have time)



User Interface Post-Postmortem

It's that time of year, classes are ending and I get to make a massive art dump of everything that I've been working on.  So, last night I finished up my last assignment for my User Interface Design class and figured I would post some of the stuff I've done over the semester.
This interface was created for a game being created by Joshua Morgan called Negative 9.Eight.  The game is a third person, action adventure/puzzle type game where the main character has some unique controls over gravity.  The level design was done by Cory Heald and set up within the Unity game engine.  I didn't design any icons because the game designer hasn't developed the items yet.  The red swirls would grow/animate every time you go to a new page and the camera would slowly move/rotate though the level while on the main menus.
In another one of my projects I redesigned the interface for xNormal. (Anyone who has used this app before knows the horror that is the interface...)  One of the big things I focused on was coming up with a better way to consolidate the information on the high detail and low detail mesh pages. Click to make big.
Another project I worked on was a prototype sequel to the 1982 Moon Patrol game.  It was a pretty straightforward project, but I had fun with it.  3D models were provided by Cory Heald.
This is my first UI project of the semester, even though it isn't really an interface.  The idea was to whet the student's graphic design appetites.  Warbot illustration and logo were provided by Cory Heald.

Battle Scars

So, I mentioned that I've been working at YETi all summer on a Unity game project called Battle Scars. The game is a sci-fi tower defense combined with a rail shooter... which should be really cool to see when coders get a full fledged demo working. Unfortunately for the game, our programmers have been uber busy with other projects and haven't been able to put much time into Battle Scars. Anyhow, enough jabbering. Here are the units that I created over the summer:

Kodiak Platform This huge vehicle was created at 1434 tris. The design is one of my original concepts. Textures originally created at 2048, but would be crushed to probably 512 for the final game. We'd like to animate the turret since it will be so big, but depending on how many extra draw calls we end up with, we may not be able to. :(

Kodiak Heavy Truck Created with 886 tris and 2048 textures. The design is one of my original concepts. These bad boys will have a couple different types of weapons available to be mounted on back, but all will have grenade launchers (the cylindrical things on the side.)

F.L.A.K. Command Truck Created with 923 tris and 2048 textures. The concept was inspired by an old WW2 truck, though ours is considerably larger than the original would have been. The base model was created by Wesley Mayle (another intern at YETi). I tweaked the model, added the details/accessories, and painted the textures.

F.L.A.K. Knat Created in 806 tris an with 2048 textures. As far as gameplay goes, the Knat is pretty much cannon fodder for the player to destroy. There will be about a billion of them and they'll be about 3 pixels each...