Resume and Business Card

I've thinking about my business card design and resume for quite some time now, but I've finally made the time to sit down and get 'em done. Hard copies should be available very soon.

Here's the newest on my resume and business card:
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(Front of the card is on top, and the back is on the bottom)

Personal Assessment

My name is Tyler "Zane" Devon and my email is: I am an artist seeking to merge storytelling and eye-catching design to create high quality, compelling graphics.

I specialize in: • 3D modeling • Character Design • Texture painting

I am proficient with the following software: • Softimage (Previously XSI) • Roadkill • Crazy Bump • XNormal • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • Bridge • Flash • Acrobat • ZBrush • Microsoft Office • Microsoft Visual Studio • Windows Movie Maker • iMovie • Macintosh OS • Windows OS

I have a basic understanding of the following software: • After Effects • Premier • Final Cut • Dreamweaver • Fireworks • 3DS Max • Maya

Relevant classes that I have completed: • Animation I   (3DS Max) • Animation III   (Softimage) • Intro to XSI   (Softimage) • Digital Sculpting   (ZBrush) • Programming I   (C++, C#, XNA) • Multimedia I   (Flash) • Digital Imaging   (Photoshop) • 3D Visualization   (Analog) • Drawing I   (Analog)

Other work and education experience includes: • Alumni of Compass Film Academy (2006) • Intern at Grey Matter Group (2007-2009) • Employee at Grey Matter Group (2010-present)

Ten of my best pieces: