School is done. Well... almost. I'm finishing my last glorious class this summer and then I'll be done. I gotta say, I'm pretty excited. However, now that I'm finishing school I feel as though I'm entering a early twenties crisis. Something has to change or I think I'm going to freak out. Recently, I stumbled across the blog of Stapleton Kearns who says, "Pity the tyro landscape painter, fresh from still life class or naively clutching a promising photograph who tries to compete with a designer who will ruthlessly use his values just as he pleases, rather than respecting the capricious arrangements of styleless nature." This quote echoes a conviction I have experienced recently; that is to become a bolder artist and person. I do not only want to become ruthless artist, but I want to live ruthlessly. I don't mean that I want to cruel or inconsiderate to the people in my life. I want to be eager to try something new, to take risks and be willing to fail miserably, knowing that I'll learn on the way. In this vein, I'm beginning the journey of re-forging my portfolio so that new opportunities may present themselves. Over the next weeks and months I will be sharing the successes and failures of my journey as I hone my craft.

To start things off and because I wouldn't feel right posting without at least one picture, here is a speed paint of Jaime Lannister I did last week:




Iris Concepts

Hey all!  Unfortunately I don't have any final renders of Arthur yet (I haven't had time to finish the texturing.)  However, I do have some concepts for a new character that I'm working on, which I'm pretty excited about.  There are quite a few variations and they aren't polished by any means, only color and silhouette.  But they're enough for me to work from and have the potential to be developed into prettier drawings. Anyhow, these sketches will give you a better understanding of my character design pipeline.  I'm revisiting the illustration that I did a while back. For a final product I'm going for two variations (one in civilian clothes and one in "tech gear") that could later be expanded upon.  Here's a quick bio... Her name is Iris Glade (also known as "The Prodigy"), a human colonist to the frontiers of space aboard the ship, "Nod."  She specializes in technology and research and has used her own arm as to experiment with biological implants.

I'm going use the variation in the middle (with the lab coat.)
I'll be using the one on the left.

Nikodemus - Development

Nikodemus is an ancient goblinoid who was once a considered a great warrior among his people. However, he left those days behind him long ago and now works at his local library. Grizzled, irascible, and rather hairy, Nikodemus is the terror of all who do not return their books before the due-date. Preferring solitude, this crotchety old goblinoid spends most of his free time pouring through dusty tomes into all hours of the night.

Eidolon Concept

Okay, it took me longer than I thought. I'm not even done yet, really. I simply don't have more time to play around with the design and need to start modeling. The assignment is to create a game model (2,500 polys max) for a game of our choice. We also have to create 3 variations or animations of our model. Oh, the project was also limited to buildings and vehicles; no characters. Being a one time Halo geek, I decided to design a Covenant walker. It's approximately twice the height of an Elite, and could be piloted by Elites, Brutes, Marines, and of course Master Chief.

If I have time I plan to rig the model and write a little backstory. It should make a nice portfolio piece, since I don't have any vehicles (good ones) or any low poly models (with the exception of all my props.)

Anyhoo, here's the design:

Double Stuffed Blog

Things have been crazy, crazy busy for the last two weeks.  Gosh.  Where do I even begin?  Well, I guess the beginning would probably be a good place...

So, to kick this off I'll start with Monday last week.  All in all, it was a mostly uneventful day filled with homework and other such fun stuff.  However, that evening I started up a Theology Study group at my church.  It's a year-long study that we're spending going through Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology.  So far it's been a really great experience, and I think I'll learn a lot.
Let's see.... What next?  Well, obviously, there are the every day classes which are pretty unremarkable.  However, I suddenly found myself with the free time and inspiration to put together the poster for my girlfriend's Jr. Recital.  I don't think I've ever had quite so much fun working on graphic design stuff.  Here 'tis:
As far as class projects go, I was assigned to create five 'props'.  Low poly,  scene filler type stuff.  The props were split into two sections; three due the first week and two on the second (next Tuesday).  I ended up staying up until 3:30 on Monday, to finish my props in time, and then my teacher gave us an extension on it in class the next day.  I was kind of frustrated.  Oh well.  It gave me the opportunity to tweak them a bit and render out some better pics.  Now they're ALL ready to go, and pretty spiffy.  (Though, as a note, I was assigned to create the fence and trashcan.  Those weren't my idea.)  Here are some pics:

So, that's a large part of what I've been working on for the last two weeks.  Though, as a matter of fact, I've also been assigned to create props for my ZBrush class, so expect to see those up soon.  As far as class work goes, that pretty much sums everything up.
School isn't everything though, and I've also been working on a website and logo for a friend of mine (in all the fractional bits of extra time).  I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a handle on all my homework and stuff so I have some extra time to do more 'fun' work.
I'm also really looking into how I can break into freelancing and actually earn some money, since my finances are running rather... low.  Quite low.  So.  I really have no idea how I'll be able to do this on top of everything else, but somehow, no doubt, I'll figure it out.
That concludes this week! (And last week).  I think I'll have time to post on time next week, so please check back soon.