Wanderer Blockout

I've got the majority of the character blocked out at this point.  There are a couple few pieces I still need to add (straps for the gauntlet, satchel, etc..) but most everything is there at the moment.  A big thing I want to tackle soon is blocking out the forms for the hair, so I can at least get a feel for the overall silhouette of the character. His head is coming along, but I still have quite a bit of polish to put on his noggin' as well.

Maximum Chaos

Here's a quick update of some of what I've been working on for class recently. These are for my Game Studio Art class, where we are creating the assets for a full game (called Maximum Chaos) over the length of the semseter. There are two teams, one for characters (which I'm leading) and one for environment. The concept behind the game is that in pursuit of peace aliens created a "time shift technology" and accidentally created a megaverse from all times and places for all time, causing everyone to fight everyone forever. It's a pretty ridiculous concept, but it has lended itself well to this project. All the units and environments are supposed to be blended with the future and past, so what we did was come up with 6 eras: Western, WW2, Feudal Japan, Prehistoric, Medieval, and Aztec.  Each one of these distinct eras is then blended with futuristic space marines to get a final design.