Maximum Chaos Post Mortem

It's finally over.  My Junior year at Ferris has come to a close and the game studio class project: Maximum Chaos has come to an end.  My role in this class was as Lead Character artist, which basically meant that I got to funnel all the art from the character artists to the technical artists for animation.  Additionally I did a little art direction, though for the most part this wasn't necessary because my team had some pretty talented people on it.  All in all I had a great time working with these guys.  Between the four of us we managed to create 8 humanoid type characters and an additional 6 various enemy units.  During the last month of crunch time the character team also took on responsibility for texturing one of the four game levels, and in my opinion it looked the coolest in the game. The last couple weeks of class were pretty crazy as nearly everyone ended up jumping into Unity to help the programmers place the enemies and collision boxes, etc...  The class concluded with a playable build of the game that had fully implemented all 14 units with animations, 4 fully developed levels, and the ability to run 4-player co-op.  All the humanoid characters were playable and had 3 unique weapons each. Not too shabby for one semester and 40 random students throwing everything together at the last minute!

Aside from Maximum Chaos art I also have almost a semester's worth of Life Drawing art to post, but you'll have to wait on that because it has been rainy this week and it looks best when I photograph it outside.  For now, take a gander at the characters (and vehicle) I did for Maximum Chaos: