Poetic Art

It's incredible to me how much my life has changed in such a short amount of time. At the beginning of last summer I had never seriously tackled digital painting before and now I have at least a "rudimentary" understanding of how to paint.  If I had seen then what I can do now I would have been satisfied, nay, ecstatic with my ability as a digital painter. However, looking at my work now I see how very un-matured it is.  It seems the more I learn, the less I know.  The more experience I gain the more I realize I have only discovered the tip of the iceberg. When I first started painting I had difficultly coming up with exercises for me to practice and now I have hundreds of studies that I'd love to do, and the time to do only a few.  I want to further my understanding of various materials and how light effects them.  I want to continue deepening my knowledge of human anatomy and form.  I want to do some cloth studies.  I want to learn more about using color theory effectively in my paintings. I want to learn to draw more dynamic figures.  I want to think more creatively about composition.  I want to think more creatively in general and tell more effective stories through my art.  It's easy for a visual artist like myself to get caught up in the production of art and to lose the essence of why I'm creating.  When you're getting paid to produce art it is easy to let the creative spark stagnate and simply make whatever it is your art director or client is asking for.  But I don't want to become apathetic, I want to continue to grow not only in my technical ability but also as a poetic artist.

I've always been a bit of a dreamer but these days I feel like I'm losing that part of myself and becoming someone else.  I want to hold on to those dreams, those crazy ideas and concepts, the stories that get me pumped up and excited to draw or paint or sculpt.  To me epics (that is those timeless tales that have a depth and richness to them that transcend our understanding) are inextricably bound to art.  You can't separate them.  It is the relationship between epics and art that fascinates me.  That's my drive for doing what I do.

Well, this is an art blog, so here are a couple life drawing sketches I did last week. I was experimenting with using the conte sticks to make broad strokes and am pretty happy with the results so far.  I'm really rather excited to see what I can do with this technique in another month or two when I've had more time to practice.

Life Drawing Sketches

Here's some of my most recent life drawing sketches.  I decided to take life drawing again and to audit the class since I already have passed both life drawing 1 & 2 with an 'A'.  At this point I'm not interested in college credit. I want to improve my knowledge of anatomy and my ability to draw as much as I can.  I have also discovered that drawing for 4 hours straight once a week is rather cathartic and helps me deal with all the stress from work, school, and whatever else happens to be going on in my life.

Art Dump

I've finally gotten around to taking photos of all my drawings from last semester.  This is a compilation of drawings from Drawing 2 and Life Drawing 1. Here are some of the best ones: