Dominance War vs. Polycount Challenge

This week has been a long series of disappointments as Dominance War V was repeatedly delayed until it finally entered it's now indefinite "coming soon" phase.  At first I wasn't too surprised, seeing as delays are something of a tradition for this notorious competition, but after a week of delays and my spring break rapidly disappearing, I became more and more frustrated.  This morning I discovered that Polycount will be breaking away from the Dominance War V competition and will be hosting their own character and environment modeling challenge!  I am excited by the idea, though I am somewhat disappointed that DWV fell through as it did.  There was something special about the multi-formboard relationship of DW that I will miss.  However, I've had enough of the ambiguious start date and simply want to COMPETE! If Polycount indeed gets their challenge together in a timely fashion (as I hope they will) I will eagerly join with a passion. Whatever happens with either competition, I hope that both get kicked off soon, because I've been psyching myself up for this for a long time and want to get started!

On another note, while I've been waiting I've been working on getting some of my old projects wrapped up/improved.  I started work on Iris's textures and have made pretty good progress, though I'm having some trouble with hair planes.  Anyhoo, here's a WIP shot for your viewing pleasure: