User Interface Post-Postmortem

It's that time of year, classes are ending and I get to make a massive art dump of everything that I've been working on.  So, last night I finished up my last assignment for my User Interface Design class and figured I would post some of the stuff I've done over the semester.
This interface was created for a game being created by Joshua Morgan called Negative 9.Eight.  The game is a third person, action adventure/puzzle type game where the main character has some unique controls over gravity.  The level design was done by Cory Heald and set up within the Unity game engine.  I didn't design any icons because the game designer hasn't developed the items yet.  The red swirls would grow/animate every time you go to a new page and the camera would slowly move/rotate though the level while on the main menus.
In another one of my projects I redesigned the interface for xNormal. (Anyone who has used this app before knows the horror that is the interface...)  One of the big things I focused on was coming up with a better way to consolidate the information on the high detail and low detail mesh pages. Click to make big.
Another project I worked on was a prototype sequel to the 1982 Moon Patrol game.  It was a pretty straightforward project, but I had fun with it.  3D models were provided by Cory Heald.
This is my first UI project of the semester, even though it isn't really an interface.  The idea was to whet the student's graphic design appetites.  Warbot illustration and logo were provided by Cory Heald.

Resume and Business Card

I've thinking about my business card design and resume for quite some time now, but I've finally made the time to sit down and get 'em done. Hard copies should be available very soon.

Here's the newest on my resume and business card:
(Click to enlarge)

(Front of the card is on top, and the back is on the bottom)

Double Stuffed Blog

Things have been crazy, crazy busy for the last two weeks.  Gosh.  Where do I even begin?  Well, I guess the beginning would probably be a good place...

So, to kick this off I'll start with Monday last week.  All in all, it was a mostly uneventful day filled with homework and other such fun stuff.  However, that evening I started up a Theology Study group at my church.  It's a year-long study that we're spending going through Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology.  So far it's been a really great experience, and I think I'll learn a lot.
Let's see.... What next?  Well, obviously, there are the every day classes which are pretty unremarkable.  However, I suddenly found myself with the free time and inspiration to put together the poster for my girlfriend's Jr. Recital.  I don't think I've ever had quite so much fun working on graphic design stuff.  Here 'tis:
As far as class projects go, I was assigned to create five 'props'.  Low poly,  scene filler type stuff.  The props were split into two sections; three due the first week and two on the second (next Tuesday).  I ended up staying up until 3:30 on Monday, to finish my props in time, and then my teacher gave us an extension on it in class the next day.  I was kind of frustrated.  Oh well.  It gave me the opportunity to tweak them a bit and render out some better pics.  Now they're ALL ready to go, and pretty spiffy.  (Though, as a note, I was assigned to create the fence and trashcan.  Those weren't my idea.)  Here are some pics:

So, that's a large part of what I've been working on for the last two weeks.  Though, as a matter of fact, I've also been assigned to create props for my ZBrush class, so expect to see those up soon.  As far as class work goes, that pretty much sums everything up.
School isn't everything though, and I've also been working on a website and logo for a friend of mine (in all the fractional bits of extra time).  I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a handle on all my homework and stuff so I have some extra time to do more 'fun' work.
I'm also really looking into how I can break into freelancing and actually earn some money, since my finances are running rather... low.  Quite low.  So.  I really have no idea how I'll be able to do this on top of everything else, but somehow, no doubt, I'll figure it out.
That concludes this week! (And last week).  I think I'll have time to post on time next week, so please check back soon.