Polycount BRAWL! Mitsurugi

I ended up deciding to go join the Polyount BRAWL instead of Dominance War this year. At first I was a little dubious about the theme, but when I had the idea to redesign Mitsurugi from Soul Caliber as a viking things started to get a a lot more fun. I still need to push my concept further away from the original, but so far I'm happy with the direction I'm going.

Iris Concepts

Hey all!  Unfortunately I don't have any final renders of Arthur yet (I haven't had time to finish the texturing.)  However, I do have some concepts for a new character that I'm working on, which I'm pretty excited about.  There are quite a few variations and they aren't polished by any means, only color and silhouette.  But they're enough for me to work from and have the potential to be developed into prettier drawings. Anyhow, these sketches will give you a better understanding of my character design pipeline.  I'm revisiting the illustration that I did a while back. For a final product I'm going for two variations (one in civilian clothes and one in "tech gear") that could later be expanded upon.  Here's a quick bio... Her name is Iris Glade (also known as "The Prodigy"), a human colonist to the frontiers of space aboard the ship, "Nod."  She specializes in technology and research and has used her own arm as to experiment with biological implants.

I'm going use the variation in the middle (with the lab coat.)
I'll be using the one on the left.

Nikodemus - Development

Nikodemus is an ancient goblinoid who was once a considered a great warrior among his people. However, he left those days behind him long ago and now works at his local library. Grizzled, irascible, and rather hairy, Nikodemus is the terror of all who do not return their books before the due-date. Preferring solitude, this crotchety old goblinoid spends most of his free time pouring through dusty tomes into all hours of the night.

Learning VFX

Yeah, I know it's been a while since I last posted.  I haven't forgotten, I've just been crazy busy working on ZBrush homework.  Oddly enough, I don't even plan on posting that work just yet since I'd like to do some more work to it before I make it public. Today I'm showing you my first visual effects project.  This project was... different.  It wasn't hard, once I understood what I was trying to do, but it was so unlike anything I've done before that I had trouble getting into it. Enough rambling about naught.  The objective was to get a 3D object into some live video footage.  Thankfully I didn't have to shoot the footage or do the tracking on it.  Most of what I had to do involved  matching lighting and tweaking colors to make the digital footage match the live footage.  Here's what I got:

Overall, I found this project to be gratifying.  It's really great to see something I've done pull together like this and actually see it in an actual environment.

Here's a sneak-peek at my next ZBrush project.  I've been trying my hand at designing a character from the ground up (the right way).  Here are some quick silhouettes.

Eidolon Concept

Okay, it took me longer than I thought. I'm not even done yet, really. I simply don't have more time to play around with the design and need to start modeling. The assignment is to create a game model (2,500 polys max) for a game of our choice. We also have to create 3 variations or animations of our model. Oh, the project was also limited to buildings and vehicles; no characters. Being a one time Halo geek, I decided to design a Covenant walker. It's approximately twice the height of an Elite, and could be piloted by Elites, Brutes, Marines, and of course Master Chief.

If I have time I plan to rig the model and write a little backstory. It should make a nice portfolio piece, since I don't have any vehicles (good ones) or any low poly models (with the exception of all my props.)

Anyhoo, here's the design:

Week Two

First of all, I have to think of some more interesting titles for these updates. It's going to get boring really fast... actually, I think it already is boring. I just don't want to get to the 16th week of this semester and call it: Week 16. Boring!

Okay. Now that I've ranted about that, I can get on with the update. Where to begin? A lot has happened this week. I guess I can kick things off with my first finished homework assignment! (First one of interest, anyway.) I had to pick a character (any character) and create textures for a Mighty Muggs based on that character. Of course I went with Lord of the Rings and picked an Uruk-Hai. Because they're cool. Also, I thought that the shape of their helmets would work well with the shape of the Mighty Muggs.

My "beauty shot":

Other than my Mighty Muggs turn in, most of my school work has been pretty hum-drum so far. However, this week Ferris hosted "Frag Fest," which happens the second week of every Semester. The Frag Fest is a 24 hour game design competition, which (this time) was focused on 3D modeling.
This semester was the first time that I've attended/competed, even though I'm a sophomore. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to go this time either, since it landed (rather inconveniently) on the evening of my birthday. However, I ended up going and teaming up with Wesley Mayle and Steve Reister.
The theme for this Frag Fest was "Alternate History." So, we had to model something that was somehow related to a short story that we wrote about a way that history could have been different. We thought it would be cool to go with the idea that dinosaurs didn't go extinct, and the Native American Indians used them to combat the European explorers.
We broke it down into three main parts: a utah raptor (that was used as a mount), a Mayan warrior, and a ruined temple. Steve modeled and textured the raptor, while I created the Mayan warrior, and Wesley did the scene/lighting. Toward the end we did things up a little, since I enjoy creating textures I painted the stone texture for the ruins while Wesley unwrapped everything in the scene and set up the materials.
All in all, the finished project turned out pretty well. Though the lighting and composition could have been a lot better. Also, I think a stronger initial concept could have made ours stand out a bit more. As it was, we took 5th place among 7 teams.
Personally, I'm really unhappy with how my character looked at the end of the night. I felt like I simply didn't have the time to refine him until I was happy. I think he looked really wooden and unlife-like. However, I still like the design and idea, and hope to return to him an do a better job. Anyhow, enough of my rambling. Here are some photos/renders:
Applied Technology Center, Lab 172:
And next door in Lab 174:
Also, durning the competition there was a Super Smash Brothers Brawl tourney going on in the auditorium:
The concept I did for the Mayan Warrior:
Some renders of what I worked on for my team's entry:
Our final product:
So, that was Frag Fest. Like I said, it was also my birthday... but obviously, I did't celebrate it on Friday night. That got postponed until the next evening, when I went out and got dinner with my family at Applebee's. The point being: I love mozzarella sticks.

That aside, I also spent considerable time this weekend installing Windows XP and Boot Camp on my iMac. I think I've finally got it running properly, though I'm still missing the two most crucial software packages (being Softimage and ZBrush.) With any luck I'll have both of those by this Saturday.

That concludes my weekly update. I hope you all have a great week! See you next time.