Mitsurugi BRAWL Update

Here's an update on my Polycount BRAWL submission. Last week I did some concepting and finally settled on something that I like and this week I spent a good chunk of time working on sculpting out the base anatomy. especially focusing on the facial features. It has been an interesting experience to design someone to look similar to concept art, but to still have the realistic idiosyncrasies that make people feel real. I still have a lot to learn, but I've been having fun so far.I've also been making an effort to document my progress (especially in the sculpting phase) and have made a timelapse of my work to this point.


Polycount BRAWL! Mitsurugi

I ended up deciding to go join the Polyount BRAWL instead of Dominance War this year. At first I was a little dubious about the theme, but when I had the idea to redesign Mitsurugi from Soul Caliber as a viking things started to get a a lot more fun. I still need to push my concept further away from the original, but so far I'm happy with the direction I'm going.