Anthony Bourdain Tribute

Heartbroken to hear of Anthony's passing. I only became aware of him in the last couple years, but he quickly became a big inspiration to me. I admired his authentic spirit, his passion for connecting people and cultures through food, his storytelling, and how he was a voice for the unheard. RIP.


2016 Recap

2016 has been a challenging year for me in many ways, but especially as a freelancer and job-hunting. However, I’ve been pushed to grow a lot as a person and an artist and I think I’m stronger/wiser for it. Thank you all for your support!  

I’m excited for 2017 - to create new artwork, to become less afraid of failure and be willing to learn from it, for new opportunities, and to meet more friends who are passionate about art!


I hope you all have a great new year!




Elk Ranger Video Journals

Hey all, I've finally gone and composited the screen recordings I've captured so far of my creation process for my elk ranger character. I've broken it into three 16ish minute videos and plan to continue to add further chapters as I make progress. After a crazy busy last couple months I'm scheduling a lot more time to work on personal projects again, so expect more cool things soon!