New Computer

I'll be honest here.  I haven't done a lick of work on the website since my last blog post.  Awful, I know.  Life has been feeling too much its self recently to allow me the extra time (or energy necessary) to work on DM2.

Over the last couple weeks I've been able to work for much greater lengths of time that I had previously.  I'm really glad that it has turned out like that because I sure need all the $$$ I can get.  (Who doesn't?)

This last month has also managed to be one of the all time worst points in my life, if not the worst.  I'm not going into gory details, but sufficed to say, my girlfriend and I had to work some stuff out between us.  That was one extremely distracting week.

My family has also been putting vast amounts of time into tearing out and refurbishing our deck.  Being the eldest son, I have had to play my part in the deconstruction and reconstruction of said deck.  It is a lot of work to say the least, but after all these weeks of toil it is finally starting to come together.  (Yay, we can actually walk on part of it now!)

This week has been crazy.  We (my family) is taking a vacation (possibly the last that we'll all be able to do together) out to Yellowstone.  Also about a billion places in between.  We're going to be gone for two whole weeks, which I have to say, will be the longest vacation I've ever taken.  It will be interesting to see how cramming 6 people and their possessions into a mini-van for several consecutive days works, but I hope that by the end we will all still have the vestiges of our sanity remaining and can enjoy the rest of the trip. Oh, did I mention that my sister is having her open house the weekend after we get back?  Well she is, and we have been getting ready for that on top of everything else.

The spot of light among all of this and the reason that I'm making this update in the first place is because I got a new computer!  Finally.  This is the first computer I've ever owned.  Last Wednesday I finally came to the conclusion that God was okay with me spending that much of my savings and that I wasn't being a fool to do so.  I then proceeded to the Apple store at Woodland mall and bought my self a brand (flippin') new iMac, along with the educational CS4 Creative Suite.  To top it all off, I got a free iTouch because I was a student.

So, since I'm going to need 3D stuff for school I decided to purchase and educational version of Autodesk's Softimage and Pixologic's zBrush.  Those should be waiting for me when I return home.  I'm so excited to get into them!  (Though I'll have to run Softimage through either BootCamp or Parallels.)

Here are some pics:  (He's named Jeeves, btw.)