Dunmer Bust

Here's some Elder Scrolls fan art I whipped up recently. I loved Morrowind and the Dunmer culture in that game, and after playing the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim recently some of that interest was piqued again. I'd love to design a full dunmer character someday... we'll see if I ever get to that. I have too many other projects on my plate right now! That said, I do have a new character in the works and should have concept art to post soon. I've been taking it back to the basics, drawing with pencil and paper (how archaic) and have really been enjoying the design process. I'm excited to get into 3D but having a lot of fun with the concept phase too, so I don't want to rush things.  

Dunmer Warrior

Dunme Turnaround

On a side note, I'd like to be more intentional about not only posting what I'm working on here on this blog, but also being more active in the game art community. I have some useful 3D resources that I'd like to get together and upload to my site in addition to having some ideas for tutorial videos that may be helpful to those artists who are just getting started in this field. More updates coming soon! (Supposing I don't get completely overwhelmed at work by GDC preparations, that is.)