Iris Sculpt + Retopo

I wish I had more time to spend on the Iris character, however classes, work, and now Thanksgiving are getting in the way of me doing the stuff I really want to do.  Ah well, that's life isn't it? I've pretty much finished sculpting the civillian variation of Iris. However, due to time constraints I doubt that I'll be able to finish the other outfit before the end of the semester, which is unfortunate. I'm continuing to learn a lot about the whole "game character pipeline." Something I think I need to work out in my technique is at what point I take a hard body object into ZBrush.  For example, I brought her shoes in way too early on this sculpt and ended up wasting a lot of time when I could have simply modled them in Modo from the get go then added stitching after the fact.  Same thing goes for the belt. Now I know.

Current challenges: I'm also trying to find a good technique for creating a bandage like wrapping... what I've tried to date has felt flat and "muddy." (I'm not getting the definition I want.)  I'm also not sure how I want to go about creating the belt loops.  I spent quite some time trying to get a mesh extract to work inside of ZBrush, but the results felt sloppy.  I'll probably take a stab at it in Modo.

Having taken her as far as I could in ZBrush, I pulled her into Modo to retopo and start fixing the things that are giving me trouble in ZBrush. Aside from working out a few kinks in the shoulder topo, the base mesh is pretty much done at this point.  I also started blocking in the hair planes... I'm not sure how they'll turn out since I've set up hair planes before.