Massive Iris Update

After a little feedback from some guys on Polycount and talking to Rob I reworked most of the face again; specifically the eye sockets and mouth.

I'm still not set on a hairstyle yet, but I was playing around with ZSketch for the first time to experiment with some possible hair silhouettes.  Opinions or ideas?

And finally...  I've been working on her anatomy details and underclothes.  I'm pretty much done with the "naked" version.  (This is the mesh over which the player would be able to swap out clothes and armor.)  It's pretty exciting to move on past a bust (it seems like that's all I've been doing recently... I don't know why.) and start seeing the whole character come together.  I must say that I'm pretty stoked to  keep working on her.  Stay tuned for more updates!
Oh, and I almost forgot.... here are my timelapses: