Iris Concepts

Hey all!  Unfortunately I don't have any final renders of Arthur yet (I haven't had time to finish the texturing.)  However, I do have some concepts for a new character that I'm working on, which I'm pretty excited about.  There are quite a few variations and they aren't polished by any means, only color and silhouette.  But they're enough for me to work from and have the potential to be developed into prettier drawings. Anyhow, these sketches will give you a better understanding of my character design pipeline.  I'm revisiting the illustration that I did a while back. For a final product I'm going for two variations (one in civilian clothes and one in "tech gear") that could later be expanded upon.  Here's a quick bio... Her name is Iris Glade (also known as "The Prodigy"), a human colonist to the frontiers of space aboard the ship, "Nod."  She specializes in technology and research and has used her own arm as to experiment with biological implants.

I'm going use the variation in the middle (with the lab coat.)
I'll be using the one on the left.