Changes at Work and More Paintings

Summer has been getting really busy at work... unfortunately I can't show most of my work due to NDAs.  Maybe some day in the distant future i can talk about some of the things I have worked on!  Though I can't say what projects we're working on here at YETi, I can say that it's some exciting stuff and that we're probably going to be growing soon.  In fact, next week we will be moving to a new space that is bigger and nicer!  I will also be getting a new desk and my own chair and computer in the near future as well (finally I can take my machine home!) Exciting stuff.  I'm so blessed to have to opportunity to work full time at a game studio while I'm still finishing school. In other news, my independent study has been going quite well.  I haven't done as many projects as I planned on, but I've learned what I wanted to learn over the summer and I still have a couple weeks left to practice. (Not that I intend to stop once the summer semester is over) The two big hurdles I hoped to overcome were simply getting used to painting/drawing in a digital medium and getting familiar with working with color/blending in the digital medium.  I still have much to learn, but I now feel comfortable painting and drawing in color on the computer. Since I can actually  show my independent study paintings, so here you go: