Endings and Beginnings

The last week has been pretty rough, though is seems to have concluded rather well. I'm approximating that I spent 40+ hours on my "game model" project. I'm going to be in shock that I'm done for... quite some time. I feel like I've been released from prison.

Anyhoo. All in all I'm pretty happy with what I got considering the time I put into it. Obviously, being a perfectionist I always have things that I'd like to improve, but really they're all pretty minor things.

Here are the modelsheets of the three variants: (Click to enlarge)

And here is a turnaround video:

So, that's the ending. Now for the beginning! I'm actually getting kind of excited about this coming project in my Animation III class. It's an animation project (meaning the focus of the project is on the actual animation of a character, not the modeling, texturing or lighting.) So yeah. It will be fun, I hope. I haven't had a project yet where I was able to put much time into the animation side of things, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do.
Also, I like the idea of departing from the realism side of 3D to something a little more cartoony. I'd like to prove that I can do both.

Enough talk. Meet my new freind, Speck. (Click to enlarge)