Petrol/Blood Challenge Entry

Hey all, I decided I'd take a stab at the latest Polycount challenge, Petrol/Blood. For my entry I'll be creating a massive fantastical elk and its rider. It should be fun! Check out my Polycount thread for more frequent updates.  

My track record for actually completing and entering these 3D challenges isn't so hot. However, working as an independent freelancer for the past six months has taught me a ton about time tracking and proper scheduling. Recently I've been visually blocking out every hour each day of every week. Being a visual person, I've found this to be INCREDIBLY helpful to actually see the hours in the day and know how much time I need to allocate working on project X, Y, and Z so that I don't have a big pile of unfinished business at the end of the day, with no time to get it done. No promises that I'll complete this challenge, but so far it has been going much better than usual.


Anyhow, here is my final concept for Petrol/Blood. elk_ranger_steed A close up of the girl. elk_ranger_concept_01 And here's my early 3d blockout so far! ranger_blockout_WIP2