*Thank you for the applications! The mentorship is now full, though feel free to email me if you're interested in future openings.

The Mentorship

For the summer of 2017 I'll be offering a 10 week 3D character art mentorship. As this is the first time I'm offering mentorship, I'm limiting the number of mentees to 3. Anyone is welcome to apply, though priority will be given to those who are still starting out their game art journey. I'm here to help you level up your skills, and add new work to your portfolio.  I'm offering give feedback, answer questions about the industry, art technique, and push you and your work to the next level. If you're passionate about making awesome game art and want to challenge yourself to grow as an artist, then this is for you.


About me

My name is Zane and I'm a  3D Character Artist and Art Director based in Grand Rapids, MI, who has been working on video games for 6 years. I have been working as a full-time freelancer since 2013. Some of my clients include Disney Interactive, Zynga, Mattel, National Geographic, YETi CGI, and BonusXP. I love to learn and pass knowledge on to fellow artists, and I’m constantly practicing my craft in order to grow as an artist and storyteller.

What to expect

• The 3D Character Art Mentorship will run for 10 weeks, from Jun 12th - Aug 25th, 2017.


• We will begin with a portfolio review and evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses, and art goals.


• Based on your goals and skill level, I will advise you on choosing a asset to complete over the course of the mentorship. Also, we will schedule milestones to help keep the project on a manageable timeline.


• I will give one-on-one feedback and suggestions via paint-overs, sculpt overs, a dedicated slack channel, and silly gifs. Depending on logistics, I may schedule some video meet-ups as well.


• Professional insights into game development art pipeline and practices.


• This mentorship is focused on 3d character art. Not 2d, environment art, general game art, etc...


•  I am neither going to hold hands or force you to do work. You will get out of the mentorship what you put into it.


• To be clear, this is mentorship is not about teaching software. If I can answer a question about ZBrush, Modo, etc, I will gladly help. However, there are already tons of free resources on the internet dedicated to software proficiency. I am not Google.


• I may not be able to respond to questions immediately. I will do my best to give timely feedback, but I stay busy with freelance contracts and there will be times when I'm not available.

How to apply

• Application is open until June 9th or until the seats are filled.


• Applicants should email me a cover letter to introduce yourself, talk about game dev work experience (if any), explain why you're interested in the mentorship, and what you'd like to get out of it. Please keep it under a page, and send applications to


• Include link to portfolio or art samples. Applications without a portfolio will not be considered.

I hope to make some awesome game art with you guys this summer!


*Feel free to email me any questions.